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Arcus Animus

During a four day intensive workshop this installation was completed in collaboration with Philip Beesly of The University of Waterloo, and Brad Rothenberg of Pratt Institute. Funding for this collaboration was made possible by The Institute for Digital Fabrication. Our past studio pursuits fed into this physical kinetic evolution of lightweight material manipulations. Tasks were divided among the studio members in order to manufacture the acrylic mesh, create the bamboo and mylar elements, wire the Arduino boards, sensors, and solenoids, and fit out the installation space. The result is a scaffold of suspended kinetic meshwork, populated by secondary components such as light weight, expanded textile layers. Responding in conjunction with microprocessor-controlled actuators and sensors, the system self adjusts based on the location of users in the space. Such dynamic performance offers an example of a responsive architectural envelope.

We were amazed at the amount of work produced in such a short period of time, and appreciate the effort given by Philip and Brad.

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