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Arcus Animus

During a four day intensive workshop this installation was completed in collaboration with Philip Beesly of The University of Waterloo, and Brad Rothenberg of Pratt Institute. Funding for this collaboration was made possible by The Institute for Digital Fabrication. Our past studio pursuits fed into this physical kinetic evolution of lightweight material manipulations. Tasks were divided among the studio members in order to manufacture the acrylic mesh, create the bamboo and mylar elements, wire the Arduino boards, sensors, and solenoids, and fit out the installation space. The result is a scaffold of suspended kinetic meshwork, populated by secondary components such as light weight, expanded textile layers. Responding in conjunction with microprocessor-controlled actuators and sensors, the system self adjusts based on the location of users in the space. Such dynamic performance offers an example of a responsive architectural envelope.

We were amazed at the amount of work produced in such a short period of time, and appreciate the effort given by Philip and Brad.

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Consulting with CASE II


An Inconvenient Studio was fortunate to host Steve Sanderson of CASE Design over the past two days. He participated in a discussion with Glue Thursday afternoon where he presented some of CASE’s work, and answered a series of questions regarding technology and architectural pedagogy. Friday morning Steve led a Rhinoscripting workshop, challenging our current abilities and explored potential problems which might arise as our current projects develop. The afternoon was dedicated to an in-depth discussion with each group critiquing the studio’s past work and future project intentions.

We are very appreciative of the insights and critiques offered by Steve. We are looking forward to continuing with the new skills and ideas developed, and would like to thank Steve for sharing his time with us. Our dialogue with CASE has been great thus far and we are looking forward to our third visitor, Federico Negro.

Consulting with CASE I

David Fano Discussion 
David Fano is the first of three visitors to our studio this year from CASE Design in New York. All three members of this small but powerful company trace their roots back to SHoP Architects where they previously practiced. In David’s words, “[CASE specializes] in anything that involves computers and architecture.” CASE provides strategic advising to AEC firms seeking to transform their practices through technological innovation. They help clients identify and implement technologies that enable a more effective coordination, communication, collaboration, and information exchange. Monday afternoon, David met with An Inconvenient Studio to offer some guidance and focus to our projects. Each group gave a short presentation of their “Robotic Interventions” followed by a short but informative critique. He ended the session with a general Grasshopper workshop and had a follow up session with individual groups.

David also spent some time in a public Q&A session hosted by Glue during which he discussed in further detail CASE’s general business model, his experiences working within a more specialized group outside of architecture, and some of his ideas about what the future may hold for the industry.

David’s visit brought us new perspective on parametric design and Building Information Modeling as well as the dynamic nature of the dialogue between clients, engineers, architects, and fabricators. We’re looking forward to continuing this dialogue in the future with Steve Sanderson and Federico Negro. We would like to personally thank David for his recent visit and sharing his breadth of skills and knowledge.

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