MorphoLuminescence utilizes an understanding of fashion photography to find its form and provide optimized lighting, enhancing the experience of trying on clothing. A three-point lighting set up is commonly used by fashion photographers, arranging a bright key light above eye level, in combination with softer fill and back lighting to create subtle shadows and a three dimensional effect.

MorphoLuminescence provides variably tuned lighting levels in order to affect the fitting room experience and adapts its form to accommodate changes in the space. In its idle state the dimly lit surface hangs free, signaling to consumers that it is ready for use. Through a simple infrared sensor human presence and variations in the space are analyzed, initiating its state of change. Differences in height are read by the sensor and interpreted by two Arduino microprocessors which drive step-motors, in order to manipulate the surface. MorphoLuminescence amplifies the experience of the individual by expanding and contracting, recognizing when a user is bending over or reaching up to remove clothing, only arriving at its state of pose when the consumer is ready. In this final state, each panel of the surface is backlit with an individual light source. Relative to the ratios of the three-point lighting set up, more illumination occurs where the density of panels increases. MorphoLuminescence focuses on efficient, optimized lighting for the individual, as well as physically amplifying the experience of change in a fitting room.

Fabrication should begin this week as part of the studio’s final exhibition.
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2 Responses to “MorphoLuminescence”

  1. 1 josh 05.15.09 at 5:28 am

    i like the wild mulberry color

  1. 1 REACTIVE Exhibit Opening « An Inconvenient STUDIO Trackback on 04.27.09 at 8:55 pm

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